[Taiwan] TIPO’s Statistic Report: 2022 Global Patent Applications Summary

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The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) recently released a statistic report on patent and trademark filings and approvals in Taiwan, the United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea, and China for the year 2022.

We summarize the statistics of the new applications for Patents and Designs in 2022 for the abovementioned five patent offices and Taiwan as follows.


1. The number of new applications for inventions and utility models

As to Invention, CNIPA received 1,619,268, EPO received 193,460, and TIPO received 50,242 applications, all showing growth compared to the previous year. Other patent offices remained relatively stable. For utility models, only CNIPA saw an increase, with a total of 2,950,653 applications.

2. Main technical fields of patent applications

In 2022, the distribution of patent applications across different technical fields showed that the EPO handled the highest number of applications in “Digital Communication,” while the USPTO and CNIPA dominated in “Computing Technology.” JPO and KIPO focused on “Electronic Mechanical Energy Devices,” and TIPO prioritized the field of “Semiconductors”.

Additionally, each IPO is characterized by unique technical fields. EPO specializes in "Pharmaceuticals", JPO in "Furniture and Gaming Equipment", KIPO in "Information Management Methods" and "Transportation", and CNIPA in "Civil engineering" and "Machine Tools", while TIPO focuses on "Optics" and "Audiovisual Technology".


1. The number of applications

In view of the growth rate, all patent offices experienced a decrease compared to 2021, with KIPO showing the largest decline at 12.6%. The other patent offices also reported reductions ranging from 1.4% to 9.0%.

2. Main category of applications

For design patent applications in 2022, the distribution shows that "06 furnishing" is ranked to be the largest category in EUIPO (11.3%) and CNIPA (11.7%), while "14 data processing equipment, etc." is accounted for the largest category in JPO (11.5%), USPTO (11.5%) and TIPO (11.1%), and KIPO takes "02Articles of clothing and haberdashery" as the largest category (7.7%)

Specifically, the most common category across JPO, USPTO, and TIPO was "14 Data Processing Equipment, etc.", which also ranked third at EUIPO and CNIPA.

Source: https://www.tipo.gov.tw/en/cp-282-931315-efc3b-2.html